If your energy bills are high, it could be due to your window sealing.

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Golden Gate Solar is a corporation with 40+ years of experience in Home Improvement Financing, Solar Energy, and Construction.


If it’s difficult to open or close your door, then you may need an entry door replacement.


Replacing windows can reduce air leaks in your home, thus helping you to reduce your energy costs.

Garage Doors

If you have dings, water damage, rust, or other damages, then your door may be compromised.

What Benefits Do You Get?

Energy Savings

High-performance windows and doors reduce your electric bill by increasing insulation.


Stay cozy with energy-efficient windows and doors that keep temperature at a consistent level.

Noise Reduction

High-performance windows and doors absorb noise, significantly reducing common disturbances.


High-performance windows and doors protect against exterior elements and intruders.

Curb Appeal

Adding new, high-efficiency windows and doors can give your home a fresh look and appeal.

Increase Market Value

Adding new, high-efficiency windows and doors may increase your property’s value.

The energy performance ratings of windows and doors measure their potential for gaining and losing heat.

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