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Golden Gate Solar is a corporation with 40+ years of experience in Home Improvement Financing, Solar Energy, and Construction.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are more affordable than ever, and we offer a variety of financing options to choose from.

Solar Water Heating

Solar power makes it possible to have a consistent supply of warm water at all times.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating systems are the best investment a pool owner can make.

What Benefits Do You Get?

Reduced Energy Bills

Your solar panels will offset the amount of energy you need from the grid.

Federal Tax Credit

Enjoy a 26% Federal Tax Credit by the end of 2020. Multiple federal grants are available as well.

Return on Investment

Solar panels are capable of generating returns ranging from 10-30% percent annually.

Increase Market Value

Increase your house market value by more than 4.1 % when installing your solar panels. (Zillow, 2019)

Eliminate Rising Costs

Electricity prices go up about 3% annually, solar power usage does not contribute to your utility bill.


Your solar system can help reduce global reliance on fossil fuels and contribute to the enviroment.

How Solar Financing Works?

1. Check Elegibility

Fill our online form to find out if you’re eligible for our Solar Financing Plans.

2. Solar Analysis

Request a Free Solar Analysis of your house to learn how you can save with your solar system.

3. Appointment

Schedule a free appointment with our solar expert to discuss your options.

Trusted Partners

Golden Gate Solar works jointly with the most professional companies in the industry to assure the highest quality in every project.