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California Law – SB 326

California Law SB 326 requires inspections of condominiums’ exterior elevated elements that are at least 6 feet off the ground, for buildings that contain 3 or more units, to ensure they are in good condition and safe for occupancy and loads. The inspection must cover not only the deck itself but also the associated waterproofing systems. The waterproofing experts at Golden Gate Solar will ensure it’s done right.

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California Law – SB 721

California Law SB 721 requires periodic inspections of exterior elevated elements with load-bearing components for multifamily apartment buildings and commercial housing, such as decks, walkways, or balconies, for buildings with 3 or more multi-family dwelling units. The inspection must be completed by a licensed professional, like the experts at Golden Gate Solar.

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Golden Gate Solar experts have years of experience inspecting decks, balconies, and walkways, and have been serving the Northern California Community for decades.

Certified Inspection Include:

  • A detailed report by a licensed inspector.
  • Photo documentation.
  • Repair and maintenance of decking and waterproofing systems.
  • Destructive testing.
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If you own a home or apartment complex in Northern California that has balcony decks, elevated walkways, multifamily dwelling unit decks, or any elevated deck, you need to contact us to get your deck inspection now. Don’t wait until you’re fined by the state.

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