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Golden Gate Solar is a company with 50+ years of experience in solar energy, construction, technology, and finance. Among our services are residential solar systems, roofing, windows and patio doors replacement, and HVAC.

Residential Solar

Based on your energy spending, we can customize a cost-efficient system that generates just enough energy for you. Extra energy generated from the solar panels is stored in the grid and can be used at a later time, even if there is no sun.

Zero Your Bills

Each year your electricity bills rise up to 7% on average. Avoid these yearly cost increases by installing a solar system today. You get 30% of the system costs reimbursed back to you in form of tax benefits!

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Whether you are building from scratch or replacing the roof for your existing home, a wide range of materials are available and worthy of consideration. These include asphalt, wood, and composite shingles, as well as slate, concrete, and clay tiles.


One of our strongest expertise is new roofs installation of or replacement of old roofs. We also perform roofing of any complexity. You’re welcome to free call an engineer to assess your roof and the cost of rendering work.

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Windows & Doors

If you are considering installing new windows and doors for your home or business, let the team at Golden Gate Solar assist you. We can help you understand the different choices so you can select the very best option for your needs and budget.

The Best Choice

Our team will show you how different doors and windows work, including specifics on energy savings and envelope protection. We’ll guide you on the best option for your family or business property.

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If you are lookiing for a new HVAC unit or to replace one section of your current system, Golden Gate Solar can walk you through some of the choices available. Let our experienced team explain the different HVAC units and give you the pros and cons of each.

Certified Experts

If you go with a new unit or swap part of your HVAC for more efficiency, our installation team will get the work done right. When it comes to HVAC equipment, it makes a big difference if your contractor is experienced.

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Our Core Values

Our core values are focused on workplace safety, integrity, community and environment, quality construction, outstanding customer service as well as innovation and creativity.

Our Home Owners Say

“I had a great experience with GreenTech Roof and Solar installing our solar and roof. That were on time and very professional. The guys cleaned up after themselves and the entire process was super easy for me. The team Dan and Vlad were awesome, they offer quality solar panels and inverter. The price quoted got from them is fairly modest compared to others in the same business. Everything they promised they delivered.
I can recommend this company for their work and professionalism!”


“They offer everything from solar installation, solar panels, solar system, solar companies, roofing, roofing contractor, roof installation, roofing services, new roof, roof repair, roofing repair, roof replacement…. you name it! Best customer service as well. Can’t wait til I need their services again.”


“Golden Gate Solar came out and installed a solar panel for me. They did a great job from start to finish. The workers that came out was very friendly and professional and it seemed like the work got done quick. I would recommend this company because they explained the process and really made me feel at ease. Good contractors, if you need service such as roofing repair, building your roof in general or you need a solar panel like I did.They would be your best choice. On time guys and no hidden costs. I would recommend you giving them your business.”


“I recently just purchased my first home and wanted to get solar panels installed. But was not very knowledgeable. I shopped around getting quoted many different prices but none that I felt comfortable with. So I came across green tech and felt so comforted by not only the professionalism but all the knowledge I needed to know about what would be best for my home. Not to mention I was quoted a great price! Everything was extremely professional and done in a timely fashion. I highly recommend this company.”


Trusted Partners

Golden Gate Solar works jointly with the most professional companies in the industry to assure the highest quality in every project.

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