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Golden Gate Solar is a corporation with 40+ years of experience in Home Improvement Financing, Solar Energy, and Construction.


ZERO energy bills! Get up to $20,000 in grants and a 26% Federal Tax Credit unit 2020. If you're a homeowner, you're be kicking yourself that you didn't get solar while all of these incentives were still around...

Go solar

  • 0$ Monthly Bills
  • $30,000+ in Savings!
  • 26% Federal Tax CREDIT
  • $10.000+ in Federal Grants 
  • No Down Payment
  • FREE Solar Analysis!
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Our team of experts has over 40 years of experience and a track record of delivering lean, sophisticated and cost-effective projects for clients across a range of market sectors and building types in the U.S...

40+ years of experience

  • Remodels
  • Insurance Restoration
  • Pre-Construction
  • Construction Defect Repair
  • Construction Management
  • HVAC Experts
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Home improvement financing with $0 down. Explore financing options with multiple term lengths and calculate payments without affecting your credit. Get your project started with $0 down, and no interest...

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  • Up to $350.000 Financing
  • Start from $99 per month
  • 0% Interest Rate for 30 Yrs
  • No Down Payment
  • No Credit Required
  • Online Pre-qualification
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Finance any type of home improvement you can imagine, even multiple projects.

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“I had a great experience with Golden Gate Solar installing our solar and roof. I can recommend this company for their work and professionalism!”


“I recently just purchased my home and wanted to get solar panels installed. I came across Golden Gate Solar and felt so comforted by their professionalism.”


“They did a great job installing my solar panels from start to finish. They would be your best choice. On-time guys and no hidden costs.”


“They offer everything from Roofing and solar installation. Best customer service as well. Can’t wait til I need their services again.”


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Golden Gate Solar works jointly with the most professional companies in the industry to assure the highest quality in every project.

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